Stop-Bite/Stop-Pick Spray 200ML

Stop-Bite/Stop-Pick Spray 200ML

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Efficient to prevent fights & tail biting in Pigs.

Spray all pigs equally on their backs
and tails when they are put together.

Be careful not to hit the eyes and snouts.

Spray twice per day the first couple of days.

It is usually enough once per day to prevent tail
biting and only spray on and around the tail.


Indications in Poultry:

For use on chicks, poults, and all fowl to stop picking and to prevent cannibalism.


Dosage & Administration:

It is important that Stop-Pick be used at the first indication of picking before the habit becomes firmly established.

To prevent the outbreak of cannibalism, apply on 15 to 20 birds in each 100 at the first sign of picking.

To start the healing process, apply over sores on birds already picked.

Stop-Pick is repulsive to fowl, yet harmless and effective.