Shipping rates and Times

All products are shipped within 5 business days. 

Condition Price
Freight Cost CA$501.00–CA$1,200.00 CA$180.00
Freight Cost CA$1,200.01–CA$2,500.00 CA$250.00
Freight Cost CA$2,501.00–CA$10,000.00 CA$330.00
Standard CA$5.00–CA$30.00 CA$22.50
Standard CA$30.01–CA$50.00 CA$33.50
Standard CA$50.01–CA$75.00 CA$45.00
Standard CA$75.01–CA$100.00 CA$53.00
Standard CA$100.01–CA$150.00 CA$85.00
Standard CA$150.01–CA$200.00 CA$110.00
Standard CA$200.01–CA$500.00 CA$125.00
Standard CA$2,501.00 and up Free



United StatesUnited States
Condition Price
Freight Cost CA$51.00–CA$150.00 CA$65.00
Freight Cost CA$151.00–CA$250.00 CA$95.00
Freight Cost CA$251.00–CA$500.00 CA$125.00
Freight Cost CA$501.00–CA$1,200.00 CA$200.00
Freight Cost CA$1,201.00 and up Free
Standard CA$5.00–CA$50.00 CA$35.00