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Superior customer service, competitive pricing and a history for inventing horse health & livestock supplies make Dominion Veterinary Laboratories a winner

In 1950 a chemist by the name Hy Earn made a major contribution to the agricultural industry by inventing an ointment that prevented cannibalistic tendencies among chickens suffering from a protein deficiency. Earn's discovery was so successful that it led to the creation of the family owned and operated Dominion Veterinary Laboratories Ltd.

Today, as a direct result of Hy Earn's achievements, Sheldon, Sandra, family, and work ethics, Winnipeg-based Dominion Veterinary Laboratories Ltd. has a wide spectrum of products for the livestock industry. More than 100 drug formulas continually contribute to the high standards of both Canadian and international agricultural industries.

In an industry dominated by global giants, Dominion Veterinary Laboratories knows you don't have to be big to be a winner. Faced with the challenge of entering new markets where established players have the advantage, Western Canada's largest manufacturer and distributor of veterinary pharmaceuticals and instruments has taken quality and innovation to new heights.

"It's important to look overseas for growth," says Dominion President Sheldon Earn. "Canada is well known for its cleanliness and as a good place to manufacture products. We try to focus on customer relations, deliver products on time and set very reasonable prices overseas."

Exports now account for more than 60 percent of Dominion's pharmaceutical sales.

"We got into the U.S. market about five years ago," says Shane Earn, Dominion's Export Manager and son of Sheldon Earn. "Strangely, it happened when the U.S. government approached us. My mother got the sale with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration!" Shane's brother is also a key part of Dominion, making it a classic family business.

Export clients tend to be governments and larger clinics abroad; they buy cattle supplies and horse supplies directly or through Dominion's distribution centres in Trinidad, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan and Korea.

Dominion spends nearly five percent of its revenue on research and development, a respectable amount but obviously tiny compared to the research budgets of the large drug companies. And it continues to enjoy success exporting products that Shane's grandfather (a chemist) developed decades ago. These include the product for horse health which the U.S. Food and Drug Administration wanted to buy, and a remedy called "Stop Pick", the first product to prevent cannibalism in chickens.

Dominion uses personal contacts, hard work and good timing to make up for its lack of size. Using his contacts and research on the Internet, Sheldon Earn persuaded a Finnish company to grant international rights to a product that multinational companies have since tried to buy.

"Price and personality are the two keys to our export success," says Sheldon. "We make sure we're very competitive and let the customer know they have someone they can call any time, even after five years. It's a little like a marriage. We make them feel loved."

Dominion Veterinary Laboratories received the Canada Export Award in 1999, which meant recognition within Canada and abroad.

"It shows that a family-owned company can make an impact in foreign trade," says Sheldon. "Exports are a great opportunity for us. If you notice a new highway paved with opportunity, you'd be silly not to take the on-ramp and try it out."