COPPER SULFATE BSC Copper Fungicide; CP Basic Sulfate; bluestone, blue vitriol.

COPPER SULFATE BSC Copper Fungicide; CP Basic Sulfate; bluestone, blue vitriol.

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Basic copper sulfate: BSC Copper Fungicide; CP Basic Sulfate; Tri- Basic Copper Sulfate. Pentahydrate form: bluestone, blue vitriol, Salzburg vitriol, Roman vitriol, and blue copperas (17). Bordeaux Mixture is a combination of hydrated lime and copper sulfate (21).


Copper sulfate is classified as a general use material by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 



Copper sulfate is a fungicide used to control bacterial and fungal diseases of fruit, vegetable, nut and field crops. Some of the diseases that are controlled by this fungicide include mildew, leaf spots, blights and apple scab. It is used in combination with lime and water as a protective fungicide, referred to as Bordeaux mixture, for leaf application and seed treatment. It is also used as an algaecide, an herbicide in irrigation and municipal water treatment systems, and as a molluscicide, a material used to repel and kill slugs and snails. Copper sulfate is a naturally-occurring inorganic salt and copper is an essential trace element in plant and animal nutrition (5671316). It is available in the following formulations: dusts, wettable powders, and fluid concentrates (17).

 Physical Properties:

CAS#: 7758-98-7
H20 solubility: anhydrous form: 14.3 g/100 cc at 0 degrees C; 75.4 g/100 cc at 100 degrees C; copper sulfate pentahydrate:31.6 g/100 cc at 0 degrees C; 203.3 g/100 cc at 100 degrees C (17); 23.05 g/100 g at 25 degrees C; 14.8 g/100 g at 0 degrees C (5); 75.4 g/100 cc at 100 degrees C (13); 143,000 ppm (18)
Solubility in other solvents: 1.04 g/100 cc at 18 degrees C in methanol (13); Insoluble in ethanol and most organic solvents (6)
Melting point: Above 100 degrees C, copper sulfate loses water from crystallization with formation of the monohydrate; above 200 degrees C it loses all water of crystallization (5)
Vapor pressure: 0 (5)
Koc: Copper is strongly adsorbed by clay and humus. It is precipitated on clay particles as insoluble copper hydroxides, phosphates, or carbonates (19)
Chemical Class/Use: Inorganic fungicide, algaecide, herbicide, molluscicide




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