3 ways to guarantee an enjoyable show weekend

It’s like Murphy’s Law – the more disasters you prepare for, the fewer you’ll encounter. Here are three ironies I’ve noticed when preparing for horse shows, and how you can use them to your advantage. Weigh in with your own observations and comment below.

1. Pack all your rain gear

Excavate your rain pants from the bottom of your closet, re-waterproof your rain coat, throw a pair of rubber boots in your tack truck and purchase a set of horkin’ big traction studs for your horse’s shoes. You’re guaranteed to enjoy blue skies and scorching temperatures all weekend.

2. Bring extra First Aid supplies

Pack every horse health care item you can think of – poultice, hoof packing, liniment, electrolytes, wound spray and bandages. The bigger your first aid kit, the smaller your chances of needing to use it. Note: many competitions drug test for corticosteroids and phenylbutazone; check with your riding club for a list of prohibited ingredients.

3. Pack your biggest spurs and strongest bit

If you expect your horse to be hot at the event, he’ll undoubtedly be lazy. But if you expect your horse to be lazy at the event, he’ll undoubtedly be hot. Pack your strongest motivators and restrainers, and your equine partner is guaranteed to behave beautifully in his regular equipment.

Kiirsten / June 26, 2014